Sunday, January 14, 2018

Bird Sculptures

I have been trying hard to create a beautiful lesson that you can present to your students. After practicing this sculpture with several students in multiple sessions, I'm proud to say I have a lesson ready to share with you.  I have been posting these amazing bird sculptures on Instagram (@MiniMatisse) the last month or so and people want to know... HOW??!! Here it is my friends

Before you decide this is the lesson for you, make sure that you have these materials and tools.  You could also plan on an alternative such as tinfoil instead of paper and masking tape for the armature or a different type of air dry clay instead of CelluClay. I just want you to be sure you are ready to take on this amazing lesson plan before purchase.

Another caution I have for you before taking on this lesson is making sure that you have the time.  This lesson takes no less than 2 weeks to complete (some of those days are drying time for the clay). Just make sure that you can budget enough time... Quality needs time!! 

If you are sure this is the lesson for you, 

If you are not sure, continue reading to see what is all included in this lesson.

All of the steps of this lesson are supported with visual images and most sections have a video support as well.

So here is the break down of the lesson plan.  I have tried to cover some major standards in our National Visual Artist Standards. I, of course, have the standard CREATE. Students are making a bird. REFLECT and CONNECT is found throughout the lesson. Students reflect during their preplanning, when they are giving feedback (activity included), and in an optional digital portfolio.  Students PRESENT by displaying the work or sharing the digital portfolio with parents or on social media. 

This lesson is beefy, no dought! It covers our standards, CHALLENGES our students, and gives an opportunity for voice and choice.  Check out some of the amazing works that my students created this last quarter! 

If you would like to learn how to obtain this lesson, please visit my Teacher Pay Teachers store.

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