Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Colorful Canned Mushrooms- Activa Mystery Box Challenge

I'm so excited to have the opportunity to join in the Mystery Box Contest this year. I'm excited for two reasons. First, because it's always fun to develop a new lesson plan and play with new products. Second, because it earns me the right to be in a contest in which if I win, I earn new supplies for my classroom! Win/Win. 

There are 4 AMAZING projects that were created by myself and 3 other AMAZING art teachers. I created a lot of fun projects to get ready for this contest, but the Mushrooms is what I landed on. When you visit the link to vote, you can also click to see the full lesson plan for each project. I chose to do be inspired by Stephanie Kilgast work, seen below. I really wanted to highlight a contemporary artist with this lesson. 

So, help me out... Take the time to visit the Activa Website (click here) to vote. It might be beneficial to watch the 50-second video below to see how to vote as well. Thanks for your help!! 

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