Monday, May 14, 2018

Kindergarten, Pinch Pots

Pinch pots are a standard for both our K's and 1st-grade. In the past, we have done Clay Nests but this year I was excited to see that Mrs. Hare brought in some choice to the clay pots.  There was a lot of variety because of this.

For many of the projects this year, a pinch pot was the base. This was no exception. I did walk in one time to hear Mrs. Hare talk about using the alligator jaw (the thumb in fingers) to pinch the pot. I thought this was clever to get kids to get their fingers all the way into the pot to pinch. 

After having the pots completed she brought them back to group teaching and told them about some of the things they might want to create in or on the pots. This lead to a lot of variety in the final results.

We painted inside most days but our school is building on, right on the other side of my wall... so on this particular day, we went outside to paint. Actually, it was kind of nice because the kids could make a mess and it didn't matter. They could dump the water in the grass and stack everything on the card again. I might set up painting clay like this in the future. As you can see, We used Tempera Cakes for the pigment. I suggested several coats of paint to give bright color. I also suggested that they fill 'all the white spots'. The cakes are a bit chalky when dry, but I packed them up and sent them home by the end of class. They were excited to bring them home. 

I packed them up with a piece of tissue paper and had them write their names on a slip of paper and I stabled it on the top. They are beautiful this way and make a great Mother's Day gift if a student is in need of one.

As I mentioned, the variety was wonderful to see. K's are always so proud of their work and this was no exception! 

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