Sunday, July 22, 2018

Inspiration from Lauren Lowen

I recently shared a lesson about drawing characters using illustrators as inspiration. I mentioned Lauren Minco Lowen who I found on Instagram. She is represented by a group called Jennifer Nelson's Artist.  Amazing work and inspiration from this group.  The thing is, I shared some of our works with Lauren tagged on the images on Instagram, she responded...

Now, I have had Artist respond before with a 'good job' or 'awesome work'... That usually makes the kids day to know that a famous working Artist out there is commenting on their work. Lauren went a little above and beyond that single comment.

This lovely lady chose to send my students a note and a BUNCH of mini artworks to share with them. They were amazed! They were excited! They were inspired even more!   Look at the kind words that she wrote to my group of kiddos...

Isn't this what we tell our kids all the time?? All subjects are important, practice makes us better, you can be and do anything you want when you grow up. WOW! She sums it all up right here. I also like how Lauren explains what an illustrator is and how you can become one. 

So allow me to publically Thank Miss Lauren Lowen once again for supporting the arts, for communicating with our school, and for being an inspiration to both me and my students! 

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