Thursday, August 23, 2018

Introducing Studio Stories- Books to Support the Art Studio

Well, it's back to school time... you know what that means? It's time to start thinking about mARTch Madness. That might seem silly to think about March when we are not even in September yet, but it's the drive to my 'warm-up' lesson this year.  In the past, I have done Monster Mediums, Process Pigs, and Bit-O-Bios. These have all been a little warm-up for all the students and in March, we have a big celebration where students get to vote for their favorites. This year, I'm starting Studio Stories

I have spent the summer looking for books that support the efforts of my lessons, books that promote the Arts, books that talk about BIG ideas that can be a jumping off point for my curriculum. I enjoyed every minute and found so many books!! I'm continuing my quest throughout the year.

I am collecting all the books, but if they are in my library, I borrowed them and read them so I would have the books available to my students at all times. I recorded them, I also created many lessons inspired by the books I found.  I plan to share the books and lessons throughout the school year.  I will be posting here as well as adding to this playlist on Youtube.

I will be using these books for this years mARTch Madness.  Each book will be presented to the students at the start or end of class. This way they will get a little flavor of the books that we are studying. No, they will not be making a project inspired by each book... sometimes it will just be a few minutes of a story for my kiddos to hear. In March, we will vote for our favorite. 2018/19... Here we come! 

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