Friday, December 14, 2018

Making It Announcement


Billy Kheel is coming to Hassan Elementary. With the funds raised from Art To Remember, and a Donors Choose that I recently put online, we are fully funded to bring this AMAZING Artist to our school.  There so many families that helped fund this opportunity as well as a large donation from Education Closet to bring in Billy Kheel, a Fiber Artist who recently participated on NBC's Making It!

To celebrate, I have some homework for the students of Hassan Elementary.
  1. Watch 'Making It' on (Bonus points if you watch as a family)
  2. Look at Billy's Website (
  3. Or... Take a look at his Instagram... maybe even message him! (click here)
  4. Finally, I'm very excited to share that we are going to do a Making It, Hassan Elementary! This will give everyone an activity to do over the break. Check out the details below. 

Making It Challenge

  • Students must be the primary maker, but assistance can be given by friends and family.
  • Students can work in groups, but it's outside of school time only.
  • The size restriction is 12 inches tall, by 12 inches wide, by 12 inches deep. Art can also be two dimensional but the same restriction of 12" by 12" is applied. 
  • The BIG requirement is the Artwork must incorporate recycled materials. That means some parts of the Artwork must have something in it that was going to be thrown away.
  • The Art can be brought to Hassan Elementary January 29th through February 1st. It will be displayed when Billy comes to visit us in February! 
  • Some students will be awarded an apron for their creativity and use or recycled materials. 
This is going to be amazing! We have so many creative brains at Hassan Elementary! To inspire you as Artist I would like to show you Master Artist who create using recycled materials.

Look close!! Can you see what Federico Uribe used in this work of Art?

Yep, Federico Uribe used colored pencils to create this work of Art. Going to his website (click here), you will discover he uses garden tools, boats, bottles, forks, shoes, and so much more to make his Art.

Related image

How about this butterfly Art by Michelle Stitzlein. What did she use?? You will see licence plates, toothbrushes, records and bottle caps... so many bottle caps. In fact, Stitzlein has created a book of how to use bottle caps in her Art. Please take a look at her website to discover amazing use of recycled materials... and also find out how big these butterflies really are. (click here)

Here's a good idea from Charles Kaufman.  He uses crushed cans to paint on for his recycled Art. That would be challenging, but maybe you want to give it a try at home! Find more from him on his website (click here)

These are really fun projects for the home.  Look around your house as Carolien Adriaansche does.  What do you have at your house to create new 'creatures' from the 'garbage' we toss in the trash. Carolien too has lot's of great ideas on her website. (click here)

Image result for Mario Caicedo Langer website

Maybe this robot is more what you would like to make, you can search the images of Mario Caicedo Langer to find more inspiration like the image above. 

In my research, I ran across this amazing article (click here) that can lead you to lot's of other inspirational Artist for this 'Making It' challenge. I can't wait to see what you come up with Hassan Elementary Artist! 

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