Sunday, March 24, 2019

Making It Challenge Update

To celebrate the arrival of our Visiting Artist Billy Kheel from the hit show 'Making It' on NBC... The students of Hassan had two "challenges" (if they so chose to except them) to do over the holiday break. First, they could watch 'Making It' to get to know Billy and his creative ways. The second, they could enter into a Making it Challenge of their own. The details are in a previous post.

I had lots of students participate. I should mention that we had several snow days and on those snow days I would often send out a little reminder of the project to help parents out at home with their kids... I would say... 'And remember... your student could be working on an optional 'Making It Challenge'. In response, I did get back Thank You emails for the reminder and the opportunity to 'make' on this day.

We had about 80 students participate K-5th grade.  That is just a fraction of our 750 students, but I would say the right fraction of kids who are passionate about Art outside of the classroom. I found the kids who participated where kids who love coming to my classroom, the kids who never follow my directions (because they have better ideas). The kids who always blow me away with their work.

When all was said and done, the judges had a tough job of selecting the winners but 12 where named the top. Each student was awarded a 'recycled' apron (in the spirit of the theme, Recycled Art). They were featured in a display case. They were also celebrated on morning announcements. The rest of the students who participated received a button for this years 'Making It' Challenge.

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