Thursday, January 19, 2012

Homeroom Trophy and Twitter

In the elementary setting, art teachers make connections with every student, yet not like a homeroom teacher.  Homeroom teachers know the students, their families, their siblings.  At the middle school level I have a mass amount of students but I also have a homeroom.  We meet everyday and I will have these kids for 3 years (6th-8th).  What a treat.  I have been working hard to get to know these kids.  Here are a couple ways that I have found success.

Above you see my homeroom with a trophy.  Every Friday our school plays a game on the morning announcements.  My kids have played but they have never worked as a team the way they did this last week.  I am happy to say it payed off.  They worked as a team and we get to have the BIG trophy in our classroom for a week.  The trophy to me was the way we all worked together… I wanted to highlight that with a picture… Aren't they cute:)

Another thing that we are trying in the is a TWITTER account… not what you think… these kids are tweeting on a laminated sheet of paper that they designed.  They come in everyday and 'tweet'.  It is fun to see the random thoughts of a middle school student!  I got this idea off someone's pins from Mrs. Whites 5th grade class.  Thanks Mrs. White!  My kids are loving it!

If you have other ideas for me to do with my homeroom, please comment so I can add on to the community building happening in my art room.


  1. I love this as a fun interactive classroom display idea! I bet the kids love it too. : )

    (pink and green mama)

  2. I'd like to know more about the game on the morning announcements, please.

  3. I have a teacher twitter account to let students and parents know something that will be happening the next day...this will be a "reverse tweet" for my students to let me know something they wish to share with me! Great!!!! Thanks for sharing! (Found you via Pinterest)

  4. i think I might try something like this with my year 1s. Some are very reluctant writers... but this is something fancy! We might just do it once a week and stick on the door for mums and dads to read!

  5. I love this idea...I will do this as a way for my students to "check in" daily as a "get started" middle school students will love it I'm sure. Thank you both for the idea. :)

  6. I am doing this as an exit activity.

  7. I like the 'exit' to the day idea!