Monday, August 1, 2016

Art to Remember- Flamingo

Last week I wrote about Art to Remember. I am gearing up for 2016/17 Art to Remember lesson plans and can't wait to share them with you!

This is a lesson I plan to do with 3rd and 4th grade.  I'm excited about it because I'm introducing some new mediums to my students with this lesson. I wanted to make this one of my first post so you can make a special order before school if you choose to do this lesson as well.  A larger version of this lesson can be found by clicking here.

The main new product that you will need for this lesson is PlayColors Sticks.  I love how bold the colors are and the way that they blend.  I also like the fact that they dry and are solid... not like oil pastels that smudge. 

On day one of this lesson I plan to have the students draw the base of the body with the PlayColors right away at the start of the hour. They will set that aside to dry while they practice making leaves, vines, and plants. 

As they are practicing, I will have small groups come to a liquid watercolors station where they will add the water and back ground, and place it on the drying rack. This will wrap up day one.  (By the way, my class periods are 1 hour long).

Day two, Students will watch the video again starting from the sharpie.  They will add the details to their birds using sharpie. 

For the rest of the hour students will be creating foliage around their birds with a dry brush method.  Students have the choice to make it a little more realistic like the one on the left, or add the 'confetti' like the example on the right. 

I gave this lesson to two kiddos and wanted to share them with you.  This top example is done by a 3rd grade student. Things you might talk about here was the background color choice.  How the colors became muddy due to 'overworking' the water colors.  The successful water design and the outlining of the flamingo. 

The flamingo below was created by a sixth grader. She created a large bird and added the confetti. Talk about the fullness (or lack there of) in the jungle as well as the mixture of colors both in the water and bird.

I'm very excited for this lesson and can't wait to share more when my students start to work on it.


  1. What a great job your students have done. I just love this project!

    1. Thanks! I agree... I can't wait to do this with my students at school