Thursday, September 12, 2019

Everyday Art Room: Take Chances

Today on Everyday Art Room I'm talking to a risk-taker... Catie Nasser. When you think risk-taker, you might not have a picture in mind of a person covered with tattoos, an alternative haircut, maybe bold clothes that are hand made rather than off the rack... Catie is not that person. Ms. Nasser might not look the part of a risk-taker, but she sure is!!

Nasser tells us how any why she steps outside of the box when she teaches. She also shares who she is inspired by, Mrs. Fizzel from the magic school bus being one of them (image above). After listening to her podcast you might be wondering how to learn more about this lady, how to follow the 'great' that is happening in her classroom every day. 

Catie Nasser is quite social. She has a blog that she explains and celebrates the kids work and activities, Ms. Nasser's Art Studio. Her blog might give a more written explanation of her work, but her Instagram gives you 'the quick and dirty' in a visual way. Catie has also been known to jump on the #k12ArtChat on Thursdays nights to chat with the Art Teacher #PLN. Catie uses Twitter to tweet the projects in her room, celebrate other educators, and have a professional conversation to learn from her peers. Be sure to connect with Catie Nasser beyond this podcast. I guarantee you'll learn from her.

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