Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Kindergarten Pumpkin Patch

Kindergarten is focusing on identifying and making shapes in the first trimester. Skills we are working on is proper use of different media, cutting, and gluing. This project has it all. We started out by using different mediums... 

Then we went over how to make a circle in the air. Please see this post of how I get the littles to join me in a little pretend. (Click Here) The magic tool is the BEST!! The following video is given to the kids in pieces. They work on one section at a time. 

There is always a variety of skill levels from the young artist. 

Then, week two we work on turning our circles into a patch. Here's how... 

Cutting is the hardest part for my kindergarteners at the start of the year.  We just keep working and working on it!! 

Glueing can be quite a challenge as well! 

Again, the results are varied! It's fun to see the variety in this lesson... most kids feel successful! 

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