Thursday, October 17, 2019

Everyday Art Room: Keeping them in the Classroom

The theme for my school this year is Keeping Them in the Classroom. This is a HUGE topic when we are talking about students with high behaviors and needs. In the Everyday Art Room today I'm in no way saying I have the answers... or just do what I do... My goal in sharing this topic today is to start a conversation of ideas to put into our toolbox to help 'Keep them in the room'.

I talk a little about Aces in the podcast.  AGAIN, NOT AN EXPERT... but I know who is... learn more about Aces on ACE Interface. The speaker I most recently heard from is Tom Gonzalez from ACE Interface. He had many heart-touching stories and gave me a bigger picture of Trauma-Informed Care. 

In the podcast, I also talked about giving students a note before coming into class. This was an idea planted in my mind many years ago in a book called Classroom Management for Art, Music, and PE Teachers. Excellent book... I would highly recommend it. 

Doing a Curriculum Flip or Relationship Flip comes from training I am continuing to take at my school called ENVoY. I WILL be having experts from ENVoY on the podcast soon. They are amazing, but if you want to learn more about it now, please look at their website (click here)

This was a deep conversation and would love to hear your stories. First, listen to the podcast, and be sure to share your stories in the comments of the podcast. Click here for Everyday Art Room.

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