Thursday, October 24, 2019

Everyday Art Room: Arts Advocacy

In Boston at the NAEA Convention 2019, I roomed with two wonderful ladies. Heather Herbay (on the left) and Ashley McKee (on the right). I had been following Ashley for a while before... admiring her goals as an Art Educator and her voice as she communicated through images her hope for kindness, acceptance, and love for the world.

After following her for a while I FINALLY put two and two together and realized that Ashley was married to Randy McKee... another IG account that I admire!! I was blown away at the team that the are artistically and now after knowing the two a bit better... I'm in love with the team that they are as a family as well. 

Ashley and Randy have honored me in taking time out of their very busy lives to chat about Advocacy in Art. They both have very different approaches so I feel that this Everyday Art Room will really align with many people no matter what your style is.  

After checking out the podcast you are going to want to get to know these two better. Here is Ashley's IG account and in her profile... you will find links to all the things (posters, t-shirts, buttons...). That is the same as Randy. He does have an IG account but you are going to want to see their inspirational posters on his Etsy Shop as well.  

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