Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Visual and Tactile Texture Sunshines

Day 1 (60-minute Classes): We started with this presentation of Tactile Texture that I have used in years past. Click Here

Then I asked the students to create sunshine using tactile texture as you see in the video below creating a cute little sunshine. 

I tried a couple of air-dry clay products for this project. I found the Activa to be strong and dry really nice. The JOVI was really good too but there was one of the white clay projects that did crack in half.  I'm not sure if that was due to the product or the design. I like the results of both. 

Day 2: I had a station set up for students to paint their now dry clay projects. They came to this painting table in small groups. 

Using craft acrylic paint was successful for this project. I liked giving a choice of colors but also loved that the colors mixed. When whet I thought they all looked like blobs and thought that I would have to add some googly eyes to save them... but I did not have to do so once they dried. The paint evened out and adhered to the clay very nicely. 

In the meanwhile, I taught students how to create visual texture using texture plates. Here are some of the projects the kids created and the video that I used to show them this new skill. 

Day 3: Students strung beads onto their plastic lace. See the video link below or check out the IG story by clicking here, @MiniMatisseArt.

I used the video from this sweet little Tactile Owl necklace that I have done in years past when it came to stringing the beads. The kids are very successful when adding the beads on with the plastic cord and the loop on the beads. It has been very good practice for young hands. Click here to see the previous video and post.

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