Thursday, November 14, 2019

Everyday Art Room: 5 New Mediums for the Creatives in our Lives

On the Everyday Art Room today, I talked about 5 New Mediums for the Creatives in our Lives. Art Teachers might want to give a listen to see if you are missing some of these in your classroom... but what I had intended for this episode is to provide it for teachers so that they can offer it to the families and partners in your lives who are wondering... What do I get my young Artist for the holidays or a birthday? Here are 5 ideas... plus on the podcast it's self, I give one bonus thought. 

As I mentioned, I don't have a favorite brand of these paint sticks. I do however know that kids love them... I have used them with students as old as 6th grade and ALL of them love this material! 

I adore this product because of the bold colors. I have recently done some work with them in lessons that Art to Remember has placed on their website... Heres how we used the product in class

3: Black Light Studio (Thanks to Sarah Karjewski)

Sarah actually has a pro pack on how to create a Black Light Art Show... Check out the free preview to see how to get this kind of a look in your classroom! OR... Here's some hot tips and tricks in an article she wrote on the same subject! 

4: 3D Printer Gun (Thanks to Abby Schukei) 

Abby not only has the link for the supplies but a great article about the product and how to use it. Check out this article on The Art of Education Magazine

These are the Ooly Watercolors I was telling you about on the podcast. Be sure to get your young artist both white watercolor paper and a brush, but also some black paper to explore what that looks like as well. 

Listen to the Everyday Art Room podcast to hear the bonus medium that I would suggest for you to give the young creatives in your life. 

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