Sunday, March 29, 2020

Call to Art: An Un-Conference for Art Teachers

Cindy Ingram and her team at Art Class Curator have enlisted many Art Educators to present at a FREE online Un-Conference. It's been a lot of work for all... but with a lot of passion, so it's been amazing to be part of it. Here are just some of the faces you will see if you join us for the un-conference...

If you would like to see the conference, simply sign up, click here. I will see you on Monday, March 30th. I'll be presenting on the following. 

Distance Learning: Creating a Choice-Based Art Studio for At Home Learners
Nic Hahn
This presentation shows Nic's planning process in the ever-changing world with Covid-19. The information shared in this presentation will change and develop as the weeks continue. Nic will continue to update the processes of her plan on her blog and on social media. Distance Learning can look different for all of us, as our classrooms do as well. Nic's school classroom has been set up as group instruction this year. She has chosen to adapt to the large class sizes by giving more group assignments and less choice. With the change in education currently, her class sizes have reduced in a way. She's able to give her students a choice. By doing this, she is meeting the needs of most of her students and allowing them to choose a process or project that best matches their ability level and interest. She hopes this will create an opportunity for students to be passionate about how they are experiencing their Art Education.

The presentation requires an update... Distance Learning has forced us into continuous learning adjusting and so here we are... This is what I am presenting to my students today... March 30th. The first day of distance learning. I have made a Google Slide show to share with them on a classroom spread sheet (provided from their homeroom teacher), on Seesaw (for K-2 Grade), as well as on Schoology (3-5th Grade). These are the platforms that my district uses. 

Slide #1: 

Slide #2:

This is an image of the slide... however the links are all live... not so much for the students, but more for the parents to connect with me if needed. I also help that the kids will use the resources I've made for them like my YouTube Channel (linked at the top of my blog... see above).

Slide #3

Again, in the slideshow, all the links are available and the video is embedded so the kids can just click and view. The links are to the other slides in the presentation. The video highlights the expectations of the week. 

Slide #4

Every week I will have a new theme... The theme of the week has it's own slide. The main video gives a QUICK explanation of the theme and the choices the students have to create their project. I mention they can do this on their own, or the whole school has the same theme so students can work collaboratively as siblings. The other videos I have are just fun videos revolving around the theme. 

Note: I have the Theme Video on my YouTube the week before however, I have set the video to Premier so it will not be able to be viewed until the week of distance learning starts. 

Slide #5

This is the choice board for ALL students for week one. They get to choose one project, take a picture and post it to Seesaw or upload it to their Google Drive. 3-5th Grade has practiced putting it in their work into a folder titled Art.

Slide #6

This page is all about uploading their work. Students have practiced this a ton in my classroom so this is just to help the parents and the students who need the reminder. 

Slide #7

This is an extra slide that is built for my Gifted and Talented kiddos or those who have a high interest in Art. Again... all the links are live and I have checked with my tech department to make sure they are all open to students. 

I have chosen to share screenshots rather than this slideshow presentation so that you can see what I've created... but it was made for my students.  A lot of this content is specific to my classroom or to the skills my students already have. 

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