Monday, September 28, 2015

Artist Trading Card Cheat Sheet

My goal for Artist Trading Cards this year is to make independent ATC creators. This means, less paper cutting for me and less of the same questions.  This also means MORE students who might bring this activity of Artist Trading Cards to work on them outside of class.  Here is step number one to make an independent learner. 

Give the students resources! This is their 'Artist Trading Card Cheat Sheet'.  This will be the first card that will go in their ATC's Sleave portfolio.  As you can see the first thing it explains is what to write on the back of an Artist Trading Card. Sure, in my class I have a stamp to place on the back (see previous post) , but this will help them know what to write even if they are not in my class. 

The lower portion of the ATC Cheat Sheet explains their log in information for  As I posted on earlier, my students (and the #K12ArtChallenge) will be using this platform for a digital portfolio.  This was so stink'n easy to set up.  I made a spreadsheet of my classes and they distributed a list of usernames and passwords for all of my students.  I placed what was the same for all of them, but they will have to write their code (where you see 1,2,3).  This is so they can log in.  The lower URL code is going to come in really handy because that is what my students will put on the back of their card to tell people how to access it online. So when you get a trade from my students, you will be able to look online to see the digital work, and perhaps read and Artist Statement, hear the students voice or see a youtube explaining the work of art!

I would like to share this worksheet with anyone who can use it.  Click here to get to my Teacher pay Teacher page.  A generic sheet has been shared with you for free.


  1. Hi! Is it too late for my middle schoolers to join the Trading Card Frenzy? Is there a deadline for submission?

    1. Sorry Alicia. We are closed down for the year but I will do this again next year for sure. We are doing a online version on