Saturday, August 27, 2016

Are you celebrating #DotDay16 this year?

Dot day is coming up!  Hassan Elementary Specialist did Dot Day in a BIG way last year. I thought I would give a quick post to share some of the ideas we did as a team last year in case you want to bring it into your school this year.
At the start of the 2015 school year, I asked my students to color one 4th of a dot. They then put the paper together to create a united dot.  Click here to look at the post from last year!

You can make your own dots in your classroom this way too.  I shared this collaborative project sheet on Teachers pay Teachers for free. Click here for the link.

Update: After sharing this post on Facebook, a member of our #PLN in the Art Teachers site shared this image of her upper grade level students doing this same project.  I love that we see choice here and collaboration. Thanks Ms. Todd.

I have done meditation with The Dot. Once the book has been read, bring your students through a meditation imagining the dot, it's colors, it's scent, touch, and sound. The kids love this and it's a great calming activity.  Click here for previous post

If you are still blessed with some nice days outside, try making dots on the sidewalk.  That was a hit for these K's. Click here

You can even use dots for assessment.  I asked these littles to decorate their dot to see what skills they were coming into class with on the first day.  It was some great incite. Click here for more
Last year was working on stations in the art room and had the students make dots at each of the stations.  It was a lot of fun for sure! click here or watch the video below

We also made a human dot... 

Phy Ed created games using balls (calling them dots).  Media created digital books. Music created compositions with 'dots' or notes and played them on percussion instruments. All AMAZING projects that were sent home to parents but because of faces and names attached... we can't share them with the world.  Work as a class, team or school as you celebrate #DotDay16!

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