Thursday, January 19, 2017

Stop Motion Animation, Resource Training and Solution

Excited to be training Gifted and Talented teachers at Resource Training and Solutions today. Stop Motion Animation fits in so well with a GT program.  I have found that GT students need engagement and motivation as much as any, and stop motion is a perfect way to do that. 

1st, let's talk about set up.  What can be used? How does it work in a class?  What do you need? How much does it cost? Check out this link for a preview( Homemade iPad Stands)

Next, let me give you the ideal situation. This is an independent age group, with plenty of time to work and all the materials needed.

Story Map found here

Working with a younger group?  Here are a couple solutions for that.  We will talk about how to get many little hands involved in a collaborative stop motion animation. 

Do you have special needs students... They can become involved too...

Here is the wrap-up lesson... If you leave this hands-on presentation and need a refresh on how to teach it, visit this link

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