Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Kandinsky Project- Manipulatives

I'm excited to share the next several posts with you.  I'm calling them The Kandinsky Project.  The last several weeks of school my kindergarteners were inspired by Kandinsky's Circles.  It's by no means a new lesson for any of us art teachers, however, we explored the idea of the repeating circles with several different mediums. 

These project will be posted in no order at all.  The last several weeks of school really is challenging for a specialist because the schedule is in flux.  Classes on field trips, award ceremonies, and music performances... not to mention the mental vacation that some of our students start before summer actually begins. So I was very flexible with these lessons. 

I have so many manipulatives in my classroom. I have everything from blocks to a collection of container tops.  This way of creating for most classes was an 'extra'.  If the lesson ran short, I would give the challenge of using manipulatives to create the repeating circles.  As you can see below, these are some examples of the students doing this for carpet time (extra time) in class. 

I also used this lesson as my primary activity.  There was demo sand discussion before asking my artist to team-up and work on a white sheet of paper.  They were asked to use a container top first and then build out their circles from that.  The arrangements of the manipulatives were photographed by me.  The pictures were celebrated in a class by projecting them onto the smartboard as well as sharing them on Seesaw to parents.

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