Friday, June 30, 2017

The Kandinsky Project- Shaving Cream

This was a fun way to create Kandinsky and more.  As you have seen in the past couple of post (links at the end of this post) this lesson was presented when learning about Kandinsky. In the past, I have had my students clean the tables using shaving cream (previous post).  This year I put vinyl on my tables (click here).  Whereas the vinyl was destroyed... The tables were almost spotless!! No need for shaving cream in the classroom, so we took it outside instead.


We did this lesson on a really hot day.  I brought my littles outside to use chalk and then we ended the hour in the shade.  Each student got a plastic sheet.  I sprayed some shaving cream on their sheet and they got to dig in with their fingers.  This did two things... It cleaned up their hands... AND it was a BLAST!! At the end of the play, I gave each student a paper towel and they wiped their plastic and hands off with the one paper towel.  We also took some time in the bathroom cleaning up as we entered the building again.

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