Thursday, June 29, 2017

Kandinsky Project- Sidewalk Chalk

I shared in a previous post that I'm presented The Kandinsky Unit the last weeks of school to my Kindergarten students. 

We took our "Kandinsky Project" outside a couple of times.  This was Kandinsky in Sidewalk Chalk. Depending on the group, I created this lesson more structured or less structured.  When structuring it, I asked students to get in a line. Each student had one piece of chalk.  They started by drawing a small circle in the area they were working in.  I rang and bell and they passed the chalk to their neighbor.  Then they drew a circle around their first circle with the new color.  The time increased with every chalk color as the circles took longer to make due to size. 

For other groups, we were a little more free with the instructions. This was fun too! Students were in small groups and assigned a section of sidewalk. They were challenged to fill the whole space up with as many Kandinsky circles as they could.  We celebrated with a gallery walk at the end of class to take a look at the whole classes creations. 

Amazing and simple lesson for my students to explore our inspiration work by Kandinsky.

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