Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Four Books to Add to Your Art Studio

I love to use books as the inspiration for my lessons so I thought I would share a couple books that I love to use in my Art Studio. I thought this would be some good timing because February is I Love To Read Month.

Escargot by Dashka Slater, Pictures by Sydney Hanson

I read the book Escargot to my students as we were learning about snails.  It's not really an 'Art Book' per say but it was a lot of fun and my littlest Artist loved to listen to this book when we were creating and playing with snails. Click here to see the lesson I used this book with. 

Windblown by Edward Manceau

This is an EXCELLENT book to teach composition.  I used this as inspiration for lessons on stop-motion animation. As well as simply composition with shapes. For the stop-motion animation student had to use the same shapes to create several different compositions in their animation. The book was a perfect match for the lesson.

They All Saw a Cat, by Brendan Wenzel

I talked about this book in an early post because I used the book an inspiration for my Art To Remember lesson earlier this year. This book is all about perception, how the same object/person can be seen so many different ways because of the perception of the viewer. I think you could use this book in 100 different ways.

You Belong Here, By M. H. Clark, and illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault 

Again, another book celebrated in an earlier post. I adore this book!! It's beautiful in word and in images. It was also some great inspiration for a graphite collagraph

All the books mentioned above are available to you in the playlist below. Please feel free to use them, however, I could never stress enough how wonderful it is to sit down with kids and read a story with a book in your hand. They love it, and I think they feel loved when you are giving them your time, your voice and your attention. 

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