Monday, February 26, 2018

#Crush on the Medium Ink

When I think of Ink... I think of printmaking... one of my favorite ways to create! I adore the smell of a print lab... the feel of mixing the perfect color of ink on a glass top.  I relish the grip a brayer has as it rolls in across a plate. I love, LOVE ink. 

I have used modern technology down to very simple and low technology when using ink in the classroom or in my personal work. The image above was created when printing with a wooden plate that I lazer engraved. This is in stark contrast to the image below... these collographs are created with cardboard. If you didn't see this post about the collographs, you might want to check it out... It was one of my favorites this year.

When I did my #ProcessPigs a couple of years ago, I enjoyed bringing ink in as a new medium. This calligraphy pig was a a learning lesson for both my students and my self. 

But, one of my all time favorite ways to use in was inspired by The Daily Monster. With some in and a straw... These monsters are always fun to do in class

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