Monday, November 24, 2014

The tools for the metal bugs

Ms. K had a really good question about the metal bugs I previously posted about.  Her comment was... 

"These are gorgeous! Did you have students research their bugs or did you provide references? What kinds of tools did you use to make them pop out? Thanks! "

I bought this metal in rolls from Triarco.  Although I'm sure you can get it from any craft supply store such as SAX or Blick.  It is called 36- Gauge Metal Tooling Foil.  The tools most students used in my class was a small sheet of felts.  This helped to make a 'squishy' surface so the metal would pop out.  I used a 'beginners pencil', it works best if it is dull. 

And this really great plastic tool.  I'm not sure where to get it.  It was in my room when I arrived.  But maybe you have some too and just didn't know what they were for.

I also had some students who are unable to apply the pressure needed to form the metal.  My husband works as the middle school Industrial Tech Teacher and he was able to let me use some of his metal tools.

He has a tool that looks like this.  I found this one at Harbor Freight Tools, and I think that is where he orders as well.   It's called a Doming Block.  It allowed all my students to create a very 3-D look to their metal on their own. If I could have a set of these, or just the block for each table that would be ideal. 


  1. These are great! How did you add the color to the bugs? (Sharpies?)

  2. How much metal did you order for how many students? I would love to do this with my students, but I wasn't sure how much to order! This is a wonderful project & a great way to get a different medium in their hands!

  3. I would love to know how you did the color and how much to order as well. Thank you

    1. Permeant markers for the color. I ordered a roll of tooling and cut what I needed for each bug. It depends how big the bug was. Sorry I can't give you and answer for that.