Thursday, July 18, 2019

Everyday Art Room- Artist Trading Cards

This week on the Everyday Art Room I will be talking all things Artist Trading Cards. If you follow me at all, you know that I adore these tiny little works of art and use them in my classroom all the time for curriculum both Art related and Whole Child!

Today as I talk about ATC's I will share how I got into trading as well as how you can get into it too. I discuss the many ways that ATC's can be used in your classroom and why you might consider doing so. I also will be talking about the upcoming 5th Annual Artist Trading Card Swap (sign up information right here in August).

Some of the links you might be looking for after listening to the show:

There are so many posts on Artist Trading Cards on this blog that I encourage you to explore by looking at the label ATC on the right side column of this post (if on a computer). If not, you can just click here for previous posts.

Come listen today! I'll get you pumped up to join in the fun for MiniMatisse's 5th Annual #ATCswap. Click here to listen to Everyday Art Room Today

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