Thursday, July 11, 2019

Nic Hahn as Everyday Art Room Host

I'm excited to share that I have a new job! Well not really... It's kind of a new, old job... well really it's a second job (or third, or fourth...). OK... I'll just come out and say it. I'm working for The Art of Education University again. I have worked with AOE for many years now in many capacities, a Grad Credit Course Instructor, an AOE presenter for their online conferences, a Pro Pack Instructor, and some other efforts that haven't even come to be yet because they are always growing and let me tell you there is some new fun stuff ahead. In my new role, I will be presenting weekly as a Podcast host for The Everyday Art Room.

Yes, you might know this podcast. Cassie Stephens has been the host for two years and she has been amazing! That girl always has something going on... writing books, making clothes, going on TV shows like 'Nailed It' (and winning). She does FB live, and Instagram. Oh... and she teaches at a sweet little school in Tennesee. Yep, She is always busy and now, she is doing a Podcast on her own. She is going to be sharing from a different lense her path in life, from what I understand. She says,

"I want a place where I could speak about life: my bouts with depressions, feeling lost, hating myself both as a teacher and human..."

If you have listened to Cassie before you can imagine that she will have a take on these subjects like no other. I'm excited for her to grow in the way she needs at this time in her life. I know she will crush it as she always does! Be sure to check out her new Podcast called Cassie Stephens on Spotify.
As for me, I feel like I won the lottery!  I get to talk about something I'm so passionate about... ART EDUCATION and CREATIVITY!  One of the big changes you will see as I 'take the baton' is that I will be inviting guests onto my podcast as well. I have made so many great connections throughout the years of attending conferences, and through social media, that I'm excited to present you with experts in the Art and Art Ed world. You might know some of them, but others will be new to you.  Just because someone is lesser known doesn't mean that they don't have amazing things to share! 

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