Monday, October 7, 2019

3-D Heart Lesson

My theme this year is 'Use What I have' so for my Art to Remember project this year I decided to use some oil pastel, bright and bold scrapbook paper, and some fun techniques I was reminded of this summer after spending time with Lauralee Chambers or you might know her as @2art.chambers. 

Mrs. Chambers is a genius.  I went to her website to be inspired and sure enough, I ran across this post.  It was perfect. While at the Tennessee Arts Academy this summer Lauralee showed her 'students' how to do a tissue paper bleed. That is what you see in the background of these works of art. I did that for my 3rd grade, but then for my 2nd grade we did another technique inspired by Lauralee as well in her guest blogging lesson 'Alphabet Soup'. I used here marker bleeds for the background with my 2nd grade.

Examples of the Marker Bleed

Examples of the Tissue Paper Bleed

For my 3rd-grade I asked them to do a practice in their sketchbook. The video below is the lesson they did with me. 

The next time they came into class they had the following sketchnote on the smartboard to help guide them through the process. They also are just learning how to keep a sketchbook, so if they completed their final project, they then drew these process steps into their own sketchbook. 

I was trying to give the 3rd-grade students more independence in the Art Studio. I'm still asking them to create a prescribed work in a prescribed way, but they have to go through the process, know where to find resources, and find supplies within the classroom with little help from me.

For the 2nd grade there was a little more step by step and easy completion. This was the video that we used for the 2nd grade. 

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