Thursday, October 10, 2019

Everyday Art Room: Digital Portfolio Using Seesaw

For the episode of Everyday Art Room, I interviewed 3 experts on creating a meaningful digital portfolio. These are experts on using an app called Seesaw for digital portfolios but this is not the only way to create digital portfolios. The Art of Education University has a ton of articles on using many different platforms to create digital portfolios. Check out their website to do your research (click here).

The experts that I interviewed in this episode are as follows:

Angela Gadke is a Seesaw representative to start out the conversation talking about what tools Seesaw has to offer. You can connect with her on Twitter directly. Or also on social media is Seesaw it's self. Here is a link to their Twitter and one to their Instagram.

Vicki Wilson is a long time 'social media friend' that has inspired me in more ways than just digital portfolios. You need to follow her in some way... either her Twitter or Instagram. I promise you will be inspired in many ways.

A new person in my world is Anais Hernandez. I started following her on Instagram and found her post to be very inspiring when it comes to using Seesaw in the classroom. This is one of those places where this podcast broadens the lens a bit from strickly an Elementary Education Podcast to an 'All of Art Education Podcast'.  Anaise is a High School teacher using Seesaw in her classroom in powerful ways.

I have many past posts as well about the ways I train in my students to use Seesaw and the reasons I use it. Check out some of my past posts about Seesaw here.

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