Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Kandinsky Project- Monoprint, Chalk Drawing, Recycled Art and Collage

Finishing up The Kandinsky Project unit with this post.  These were my 4 favorite lessons that I did with my K's (well and actually with some of my older students as well because it was so successful and engaging). I can't wait to share the last four lessons with you in this post.  I am also sharing them with you via Teacher Pay Teacher as well. 

Check this out! In this unit you will get four student instructional videos. This means you just push play and let me do the teaching. This is to support the four out of the seven lessons in the Kandinsky Project. I have already posted on the other three.  I posted on Sidewalk Chalk, Shaving Cream, and Manipulative's as the mediums. These four lessons in this TpT unit are extremely engaging because of the mediums and processes. Let me share a little about each.

In the collage unit, I bring our young artist through the process of cutting, and gluing with good quality.  This was a fun lesson for many of my students because I often gave them challenges throughout the class.  After completing one circle collage... I 'dared' them to try to beat their number of circles in the next collage.  The kids got such a thrill with this.

The recycling lesson was fun because it's all about discovery.  After the Art Studio collects lids from the families of the school, we turn this trash into treasure in two ways.  This lesson gives a more traditional way using color caps and a less traditional way using a glue and paint concoction that allows you to create a similar look using only white lids. I'm telling you, most of the fun with this lesson is finding the just right lids for the perfect repeating circle project.

I want to make sure that my students have the opportunity to use chalk as a medium in my classroom however, I hate the dust and mess of the medium inside.  I show you a new way of using chalk by combining it with white paint.  It gives a very interesting end result. I can't wait to see how these works of art look coming out of other art Studios... I know your students will love it. 

My favorite lesson in this unit was Monoprinting.  I love printmaking in the classroom and this is an extremely easy and fun way to introduce the process to your little artist.  The video is brightly colored with a clear explanation.  Additional resources for this lesson include how to set up the room and facilitate this printing process in the classroom.

Click here for The Kandinsky Project Unit on Teachers Pay Teacher

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