Thursday, October 5, 2017

Three Glue Methods

At the start of the year, there is a lot of 'system setups' that have to be done before the classroom can move smoothly and the students can work more independently. One of the things that must be covered with my youngest artist is gluing.  This is one of the most challenging skills for young Artist to create something that is going to stick... but not be flooded with glue a maintains good craftsmanship. 

I always choose a very simple project for my students to be exposed to the process and different tools I provide in my classroom for gluing. This year I am choosing to teach the kids using the subject of ornamental corn. 

Here is the overall lesson but I did break this lesson into little bits to have a successful product.

In setting up my room this year I worked on three different types of glue options for my students to use. One is the white glue.  I use slip bottles for this because I have found that having the lack of twist cap was beneficial for my youngest (and sometimes oldest) students. I fill the bottles with the amazing Elmers glue pump and remove the little red caps.  They do get dried over but that is when I ask the students to use THE GLUE UNCLOGGER 2000!  They love this.

Another option I offer is the glue sponges.  This year as I was creating all new sponges I thought... hey, why not use a soap square... That has worked well thus far.  They are easier for my students to open and the sponge fits perfectly.

And of course, I allow the students to use the glue sticks as an option as well.

With a couple of containers and the addition of tape and a stapler... I have a nice adhesive caddy ready to go. Let the gluing began.

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  1. Your 3 different glue techniques are very helpful. Did you come up with this on your own?

    1. The lesson plan?? Yep, I'm sure other do something like this too... The glue methods? The slip bottles was a good fit and find by me... I don't know others that use it. Glues sponges are out there... I think I discovered it several years again on Youtube. Hope this helps.