Friday, August 25, 2017

International Dot Day 2017

International Dot Day 2017 will be here before you know it.  Are you looking for ways to celebrate the big day?? There are so many ideas out there, but I wanted to share some of the Dot Day ideas that I have shared in the past on this blog. 

You could do a collaborative dot.  I have a free print out on Teacher pay Teachers for you to download.  Thousands already have :) This project is a really fun way to unite a class or school in Art. Click here for more information

The Kandinsky Project is based on the shape of a circle.  There are several unique ways to use new and old mediums with the Kandinsky project.  Be sure to check it out for some more ideas. Click here.

This was a Christmas post, but could easily be changed to a Dot Day celebration. It's a study on Mondrian and the process is printmaking and paint.  Fun project for the littles (click here

We made some digital and physical dots using radial balance and the inspiration of Ginger Pacer.  Click here. This was a great lesson for older elementary.  They loved the two different ways of exploring the idea of radial balance and the projects turned out amazing! 

Again for older kids, you could do some op art! My students love exploring and creating optical illusions with this project. Find this lesson and many other Op Art options by clicking here


Sometimes I have created dot stations for the kids to discover circles at.  This is always a great way to get to know the kids at the start of the school year.  Take a look at the Dot Stations I have set up in the past with videos included. 

This is another really fun way to make dots... that grows.  In this post, we created 'lucky paper' for using paper making techniques and a little cat nip grass. I could see a class making the paper and talking about how creating one dot allowed Vashti to 'grow' as an Artist. You will have to check out the previous post for more details. 

Sometimes we have not created a dot at all... instead we 'imagined a dot'.  This is a great calming activity for students to do at the beginning or end of the lesson. Check out this post. 

Finally, you could make a human dot. This was a lot of fun for our Specialist Team to do together.  We all started the year with a (or several) dot activities.  It was a blast.  The last 'dot' things we did was a human dot, recorded from the roof top... 

If you use any of these ideas this year, I would love to celebrate with you. Leave a comment, Tweet (@MiniMatisse) or tag me on Instagram (@MiniMatisseArt) if you create anything inspired by this post. Happy International Dot Day! 

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