Thursday, February 15, 2018

#Crush on the Medium Chalk

I ADORE getting outside whenever the sun is out... for Minnesota... it's rare. We love the sun and the warmth because it's a precious commodity. Below is one of my favorite lessons we did outside. The kids LOVED it. It's where you mirror a partner and use your whole body to create. 

Another fun lesson for outside chalk enjoyment is this Kandinsky project. 

Super proud to be a Minnesota member when we have projects like Kindness in Chalk. Every fall there is a celebration worldwide for participating families and schools to write words of kindness on the sidewalks. Join us next October. 

When I'm working with chalk I often put a request out there for parents to donate to the classroom.  Here is an example of how I have proposed the need to the families of my school. (click here)

Chalk is a blast, but chalk paint is even better. If you have never played with chalk paint, as soon as it's nice outside, you HAVE to make some up.  Take a look at my favorite recipes from a previous post

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